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The Sinque Dial is like the weather forecast…

Learning to read the Sinque Dial is a key that unlocks taking control of your health.

The dial tells you the direction of your weight for the next 2 weeks. Your weight today is not the focus… it's your weight trend for the future that you’re working on.

It seems obvious, but it's not.

You can be on course to lose weight, yet if you were to look at the numbers — but we aren’t, right? 😉 — you could weigh heavier than the week before. Confusing? Indeed. This is due to many factors (time of day, what you ate or drank, medication, and hundreds of other reasons). Our weight is not static, it fluctuates, which is why Sinque focuses on your weight range instead of individual numbers and the dial shows you the direction your weight range is going.

Think of your favorite way to check the weather forecast. If you live in a city like mine, São Paulo, you have to look at the weather forecast every day before leaving home for work, because there is always the risk of leaving home with sunshine and coming back with a storm, or the opposite. And in the Netherlands, where Dr. Romani lives, you can get all four seasons in one day! But that’s another story…

Returning to the weather forecast… If you're planning to travel, you might want to check the weather forecast to decide what clothes to pack.You take that information and you can adjust your choices to ensure more comfort during your trip.

The Sinque dial is a tool that provides information about your health with enough time to adjust your choices if you want to.

Of course, you could see cold and rainy weather forecasted and still decide to take only shorts.

It's up to you to choose your clothes and pack your suitcase — we are here to help you know the current “temperature” 2 weeks from now. Whether your Sinque ‘forecast’ is trending up or down, work with your doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or other Sinque liaison to help you reach your health goals.

Now, choose your destination, pack your bag and enjoy the trip!


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