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Motivating you in the right direction to a healthy body

Sinque ends the frustration with the ups and downs of the scale.

Our artificial intelligence learns from your natural weight oscillation to predict your future weight range. In other words, today, you will know if you are going to gain, maintain or lose weight in two weeks' time!

Don't worry about the numbers anymore. Take control of your weight.

Are you heading in the right direction?

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Control your weight trend

The "Sinque Dial" shows what will happen to your weight 2 weeks in the future, so you can start taking action today.

The more you use Sinque, the more it learns about you

Combining Artificial Intelligence and medical science, Sinque learns your natural weight oscillation to accurately reveal your future weight range.

Thus, you have the information to validate your path and control your actions.

"You are not a number... nor is your weight."

Dr. Renato Romani 
Sports Physician and Professor of Exercise Physiology

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Solve the problem of numbers

When seeing the numbers on a scale, it is extremely difficult to predict whether you are on the right path.

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Know your body

Body weight fluctuates due to several factors. This daily physiological variation is confusing, causing anguish and frustration, and making it difficult to know if you're on the right path. 

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Validate your actions

By knowing your weight fluctuations, Sinque's algorithm calculates and reveals your future weight range. This way, you know today if you are heading in the right direction or if you need to change course.

How it works

Get information, validation and stay motivated.
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Download the free app, create your account and choose your group.

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After 2 weeks, the system learns your natural weight fluctuations and you see the  Sinque Dial!


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Open the application and step on the Sinque monitor. In seconds, you will see the results on your phone.


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See your future weight range and use the Sinque Dial to guide your journey!

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Use Sinque and win the war against scales!


Sinque weight monitor

Don't worry about the numbers 
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With a modern design and advanced technology, the Sinque monitor is the intelligent solution that understands you.
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Choose your way

Head in the right direction to reach your healthy weight faster by teaming up with a Sinque PRO.

Choose a Sinque PRO near you who can guide you on your weight loss journey, customize your program by using the Sinque Dial, and is with you virtually via the Sinque App. 

In the Sinque App, you will find support, guidance, tips, information, and much more. Join the Sinque Community and get started! 

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