Frequently asked questions

How Sinque Works

What are weight fluctuations ?

Your body weight can shift greatly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These shifts are called weight fluctuations and are a result of over 150 physiological processes in your body. Often, these processes are a response to your diet, exercise pattern and/or training schedule.

How is Sinque able to predict my future weight ?

Regular use of our monitors (3-4 times per week) provides information about your weight and therefore your weight fluctuations. Through artificial intelligence, our algorithm uses this information to predict the pattern of your weight fluctuations. As a result, today you will know two weeks in advance whether you are heading in the right direction, or whether you need to adjust your course.

Why does it take 14 days before Sinque can reveal my weight trend ?

In order to determine your (future) weight trend, Sinque's artificial intelligence must first get to know your weight fluctuations. This process takes 14 days. If you want to know more about the first 14 days with Sinque, make sure to check out our blog post on this topic.

The Home Monitor

How do I install my Home Monitor ?

Installing the Home Monitor is simple. Open the compartment on the back of your monitor and insert the batteries (4x AAA). Then turn on bluetooth on your phone. Download and open the Sinque App. If the app is open on your phone, pairing with the monitor will be automatic. Finally, make sure that your monitor is standing on a hard surface. Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to go!

Is it possible to use Sinque without a Home Monitor ?

Yes, this is possible! If your company or your provider offers Sinque, you can use their Sinque scales and you do not have to purchase a Home Monitor. If you're looking for a provider who offers Sinque, you can always contact us.

I'm using the Home Monitor, but it seems like my weight is incorrect. How can I fix this ?

If you're experiencing this issue, check whether the monitor is placed on a solid, flat surface. The Home Monitor does not work well on carpets. If this does not solve your problem, please contact us via this link.

My measurement has failed. I got a ''Oops, something went wrong'' message. What do I do now ?

No need to panic. Your measurement was saved but your app could not return to the dashboard. Log out and log in again to see your latest measurements under ''previous measurements''.

My measurement has failed. I got a ''the measurement has failed. Try again!'' message. What went wrong ?

Make sure your bluetooth is on and your internet is connected. Make sure you stand still when you are standing on the Home Monitor. Performing a weigh-in requires you to move as little as possible. Do not step off the monitor until the three red squares appear. Only then can the monitor complete a measurement. A cause for a failed measurement could be the fact that there are too many phones around the Home Monitor. Moving other phones away from the Home Monitor (besides the phone that is being used to perform the measurement) could solve the issue.

When I do more weighings in quick succession the measurements differ. How is this possible?

The Home Monitor is a precision instrument. Wait a minute before doing the next weigh-in, and the measurements should be correct.

I use the Home Monitor with several people, but weighing doesn't work for everyone. What causes this issue ?

Dont worry, the monitor just needs some time to adjust after each measurement. Weighing too quickly in succession can cause an error message. Wait at least 1 minute between the different weighings.

What is the maximum weight of the Home Monitor?

Our Home Monitor is currently designed for a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

The Sinque App

On which operating systems is the Sinque App available ?

You can download the Sinque App on iOS (iPhone) and Android devices.

How do I enable push notifications on my device ?

Enabling push notifications is simple: On IOS (Iphone): 1. Go to phone settings
2. Go to notifications
3. Search for Sinque and click on it
4. Allow push notifications for this app On Android: 1. Go to settings on your phone
2. Go to apps > default apps > permission management
3. Search “Sinque”
4. Make sure “Notifications” is set to “Allow”.

The app advises ''use Sinque 4 days a week''. Can I weigh myself more than 4 times a week ?

Definitely! More measurements = more data to predict your weight trend. You can measure yourself as much as you want, but 4 measurements a week is the minimum recommended number. Sometimes that doesn't happen and that's ok, too. Just get back on that horse, ummm Home Monitor, and the system quickly has enough data to predict your weight trend. If you're working with a provider: follow their advice.

The Sinque Dial does not show. Am I doing something wrong ?

No, you're not doing anything wrong! You just haven't done enough measurements yet. Take a few more measurements and you'll soon see the Sinque Dial. If you're just getiing started, it takes about 14 days to see the Sinque Dial. Read more on the first 14 days with Sinque in our blog post. Please note that if you will stop weighing regularly, the Sinque Dial will disappear again.

Can I see my weight somewhere ?

If you want to know your weight you can go to "Previous measurements". There you can see your previous measurements and their values. However, we advise you not to do this. Your weight is a range, not a number. Therefore, individual measurements can be misleading. For more information on this topic, visit our homepage.

I've achieved my goal. Can I change it ?

Congratulations! Yes, you can change your goal. Go to the app settings and change your target. Don't forget to press save!

I made a wrong measurement. Can I remove it ?

Yes, It is possible to delete a measurement. Simply go to "see past progress", click on the small 'x' next to the measurement you want to delete. Confirm your deletion by clicking yes. Your measurement will then be deleted.

How many times a week do I have to be on the Home Monitor during the first 14 days ?

During the first 14 days it is important to weigh as often as possible, with a minimum of 4 weighings per week. Weighing more than once a day is also good. The more information, the better our algorithm gets to know your physiology and the better your weight trend can be predicted! Read more on the first 14 days with Sinque in our blog post.

I was unable to weigh myself for a few days during the first 14 days. Do I have to start over ?

No problem! Complete the onboarding. Keep weighing yourself. As soon as there are enough measurements, your weight trend will become visible. It may take a little over 14 days. Read more on the first 14 days with Sinque in our blog post.

I've completed the first 14 days but can't see my weight trend. What should I do?

If there are insufficient measurements after the two weeks, Sinque will not yet be able to determine your weight trend. That's okay. Some additional measurements are needed. As soon as there are enough measurements, your weight trend will still be shown. Read more on the first 14 days with Sinque in our blog post.

Which group should I choose ?

Ask your Sinque provider which group to select. Don't have a Sinque provider yet? You can join the 'individual" group and when you select a Sinque provider, you can change your group in the Sinque App settings. Are you looking for a provider who works with Sinque to help you in your process towards a healthy weight? Please contact us.

Working with a PRO

Can I use Sinque alone or do I have to work with a PRO ?

Sinque is designed to be used with a Sinque PRO to achieve sustainable results. Examples are dieticians, physiotherapists, nutritionists (certified) and personal trainers (certified). You can buy the Home Monitor and use it independently. However, we strongly advise you to do this together with a PRO. Looking for a Sinque PRO to work with? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Can my PRO see my progress ?

Yes, they can! But, only if you have provided your consent. Don't worry! Your personal information will not be shared without your consent.

Can my PRO see my personal information ?

Yes, they can! But, only if you have provided your consent. Don't worry! Your personal information will not be shared without your consent.

Is there a list of providers who are working with Sinque ?

If you're looking for a Sinque PRO, please contact us, so we can help you find one!


Who can see information regarding my progress ?

You control who can see your progress. No one can view your information without your prior consent. Your Sinque PRO can receive a report on your progress after your written consent. Our privacy statement and terms of use can be found here.

Who can see my contact information ?

Your contact information is stored in a different place than your progress information. We don't share your contact information with third parties unless you have provided consent. Our privacy statement and terms of use can be found here.

Payments and orders

Can I get a discount on the Home Monitor ?

Yes, it is possible to get a discount! Sinque PRO's can offer our Home Monitors at a discount. Looking for a professional? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Where can I buy the monitor ?

You can purchase our Home Monitor via this link in our webshop or via your Sinque PRO.

Returns and refunds

After trying the monitor for free for 30 days I am not satisfied. Can I return it ?

Yes, no problem. After 30 free trial days, you can return the Home Monitor for free if you're not satisfied. You can do so by contacting us, or asking your PRO to help you with the return.

How can I return the monitor ?

Please contact us with a request for a return label. Stick this over the old label and hand it in at one of the DHL service points. Also, you can ask your Sinque PRO to help you with the return.

What are the shipping costs for a return ?

There are no shipping costs. The return is free.