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Sinque is the intelligent weight monitoring solution for sustainable weight loss that understands your body.
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Your weight is not a number, it's a range

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Don't get fooled
by the numbers on the scale.

Based on the numbers on the scale, it is extremely difficult to predict

whether you are on the right path.

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Your weight fluctuates.
Therefore, it is a range, not a number.

Body weight fluctuates due to several factors. As a result, people often make wrong conclusions regarding their weight trend.

This is confusing, frustrating and demotivating.

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Sinque forecasts your weight range.

By learning from your weight fluctuations, Sinque's algorithm calculates and reveals your future weight range. This way, you know today if you are heading in the right direction or if you need to change course.

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Use the Sinque app to
validate what you're doing
and stay motivated!

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The Sinque Dial reveals your progress

The "Sinque Dial" shows your predicted weight trend 2 weeks in the future, so you can start taking action today.

I really like being able to see if I will maintain, gain or lose weight in the future. I weigh
every day with Sinque and couldn't do without it!

C. van Splunter

56, Team Leader in a hospital

The past and the future, 
all in the Sinque App

Your predicted weight range, as well as your progress over the past weeks, can easily be accessed via the Sinque App.

With more information, you have more control. This helps you stay motivated to reach your desired weight.
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Sinque Monitor

With a modern design and advanced technology, the Sinque monitor connects with the Sinque App to  understand your body, and forecast your weight trend.

How it works. 

Get information, validation and stay motivated.
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Download the free app, create your account and choose your PRO's group.

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Step on the monitor 3 to 4 times per week.  After 2 weeks, the system learns your natural weight fluctuations and you see the  Sinque Dial!


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Open the application and step on the Sinque monitor with your phone. In seconds, you will see the results on your phone.


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Continue to step on the monitor 3 to 4 times per week to see your future weight range. Use the Sinque Dial to guide the way with your PRO!

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Use Sinque for sustainable weight loss to reach your healthy weight!

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Your PRO is
always by your side

With Sinque, you can always count on the virtual presence of your PRO, even when you're not physically together.

In the Sinque App, your PRO will customize your program based on your progress. You will also find support, guidance, tips, information, and much more.  This helps you stay motivated, even in difficult times.


My experience with Sinque has been surprisingly positive!  With the help of Sinque and
my Sinque PRO I was able to achieve my goals.

E. Ramos

41, Accessibility Specialist

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